Amy (Chauveaux) Inman is a native Texan that grew up in Wellington, Texas.  After graduating highschool, she attended and graduated West Texas A&M University in 2000.  Since then, she has been a junior high and elementary school teacher around the state.  She married Luke Inman in 2004.

She and Luke spent a week on the North Island of New Zealand in 2005.  While touring the island, they stayed in Napier, on the eastern side of the north island that is home to the well known wine grape growing region of Hawke’s Bay.  They drove around for several days looking at the wine region and decided when they got back to the states, they were going to start a vineyard.

In 2010, their dreams came true when the vineyard was planted.  Although the work is hard and tedious, each and every year her young children have been able to help more and more in the family business as they grow.  She believes instilling this type of hard work ethic is what is missing in today’s world.  She currently lives in Wellington with Luke, and her three children Lawson, Ava Kate and Jack.