Lileesa grew up in the country, south of Tell, Texas on a cotton farm and small ranching operation.  Her hard-working parents loved working the land and loved the simple country life, instilling that passion in her, as well.  From an early age, she loved nature and vegetable gardening.  As a child, she was fascinated with planting the seeds and watching the plants grow and produce the vegetables we ate.

Lileesa and her high school sweetheart, Dale Inman, were married shortly after high school.  Five years after their marriage, Dale graduated from Texas A&M University as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.  After thirteen years of owning and operating our veterinary practice in Borger, Texas, they sold the business and returned to our roots in Childress County in 1989.  Dale was able to pursue his love of raising purebred black angus cattle as well as getting back into the cotton business. We greatly enjoyed being back in the country we loved.  Through the years, we were blessed with three amazing children, Lachella Inman Coley, Brandon Inman & Luke Inman.

In 2010, they were very blessed to start a family business with their children and their spouses which involved planting a five acre vineyard, later named “Inman Vineyard”.  It was such hard work, planting 5,250 rootstock vines by hand, but the family togetherness, laughs and memories made far outweighed the exhaustion!  She loves working in the serenity of our vineyard by herself or working with the family and all the hustle and bustle that it entails. She is so proud of her family and the work in making their vineyard what it is today and so proud that each of her nine grandchildren have also had a part in the success our family shares.