Through the Lenses

The Story Behind Our Vineyard

Gathering on the weekends to work at the vineyard has become a family tradition with my kids and grandchildren I will always treasure. It’s a labor of love we truly love doing. Lileesa Inman

Four I’s Winery is a multigenerational family company in Childress, Texas built on love and hard work.

The Inmany family has worked for years to make the produce the best Sangiovese grapes by hand, and is only willing to make the best wine with the best grapes!

Loving husband, father, and grandfather

Dr. Dale's Story

(Nov 20, 1951 -- Sept 7, 2017)

                    (Nov 20th, 1951 – Sep 7th, 2017)

Even though Dr. Dale never got to taste the finished 2016 wine you can buy today, it was his vision, hard work and dedication that made our vineyard and winery a reality.  

We will never forget his face when he sampled a barrel pull from the 2016 vintage before final bottling in the summer of 2017. His smile – that day and every other day – will be forever missed.

Dale came from a family of cotton farmers in Childress County who used dryland farming to make a living. While hot temperatures, limited rainfall and strong winds make life difficult for cotton producers in West Texas, his research showed growing high-quality wine grapes could be achieved with these weather conditions. 

He chose to plant the Sangiovese varietal, a semi-arid friendly wine grape that withstands hot temperatures and long growing seasons with limited rainfall, in the same land his family has farmed other crops for decades. Dale’s different approach into vineyard management flourished into the wine we love to produce. (We wish he was here to see it!)